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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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This section of the Do Well Science project portal provides administrative information for the project contractual partners and for the European Commission and it is password protected.

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From this section it is possible to access to a description of each contractual partner of Do Well Science Project. There are 8 partners from 4 different European countries.
IIS Machiavelli

Via Santo Spirito, 39
50134 Firenze
Tel: 055 239 63 02
Fax: 055 219 178
Web Site:

Partner Description

The Lyeum High School serves 1,700 students with many coming from abroad, who are bilingual and/or have double citizenship. The school emphasizes a strong international perspective and the research and adaption of new educational methodologies. Machiavelli constantly invests in the professional development of its teachers especially in the field of languages and teaching practices suited for a multicultural and inclusive environment.
Vocational High School of Electronics “John Atanasoff”

48 Rayko Aleksiev 1
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: 00359 2 872 00 47 /00359 2 872 00 37
Fax: 00359 2 872 07 81
Web Site:

Partner Description

We are a public vocational high school. Since its foundation in 1968, the school has been one of the educational leaders acclaimed by the National ranking System. The school offers education and training in the field of Information Technology with specialties, such as:System Programming, Computers and Technology, Computer Networks, Renewable Energy Sources, Microprocessor Technology, Industrial Electronics.
Zinev Art Technologies
Mladost 4, bl. 425, entr. 3, fl. 2, ap. 53
1715 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: 0035924342244
Web Site:,

Partner Description

Zinev Art Technologies Ltd. is a company developing, implementing and managing European projects and providing consultations in the spheres of culture, art, Internet-based activities and education, VET, e-learning and school education development, as well as regional development. ZAT team has a long-term experience in implementing successful EU projects under the LdV, eLearning and Lifelong Learning programmes.
Arsakeio Lyceum of Patra

Agias Paraskevis, Rio
26504 Patra, Greece
Tel: +302610995842
Fax: +302610995688
Web Site

Partner Description

Arsakeio Lyceum of Patra is one of many schools which belong to the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning (called Filekpedeftiki Etaireia) and they are situated in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Ioannina and also Tirana (Albania). Filekpedeftiki Etaireia, founded in 1836 is a public non-profitable welfare foundation. It is the oldest educational foundation in Greece which through the years, despite all the external changes and adjustments to any varied situations, achieved to maintain its educational character following the main ideals since its foundation: the cultural provision to the Greek children.
TEI of Western Greece

Megalou Alexandrou 1
Koukouli, Greece
Tel: +30 2610 369 452
Fax: +30 2610 369 176
Web Site

Partner Description

The Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece (TEIWEST) was created from the merger of TEI of Patras and TEI of Mesolonghi in 2013, collecting a 30-year experience as part of the public Higher Education System. It is a self-managed public body subject to federal law and under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, offering under-graduate and post-graduate programmes.

Via Luigi Lanzi 12
50134 Firenze, Italy
Tel: 0039 055 48 97 00
Fax: 0039 055 462 88 73
Web Site

Partner Description

Pixel is an education and training institution based in Florence (Italy). Pixel was founded in 1999. Pixel’s mission is to promote an innovative approach to education, training and culture, this is done mostly by trying to exploit the best potential of ICT for education and training.
Università degli Studi di Genova, Dipartimento di Matematica

via Dodecaneso 35
16146 Genova, Italy
Tel: +39 010 2099221
Web Site

Partner Description

The University of Genova (UNIGE) is one of the most ancient of the European large universities; with about 280 educational paths distributed in the headquarters in Genova and the learning centres of Imperia, Savona and La Spezia, it comes up to the community as a well-established reality throughout the region.
Södertörn University

S-141 89 Huddinge,
Tel: +46 (0)8 608 4000
Fax: +46 (0)8 608 4010
Web Site

Partner Description

Södertörn University is situated about 15 km south of the city centre of Stockholm. It is a medium sized university in Sweden with 11 000 students in 72 programmes and 250 courses and with 100 doctoral students. It has almost 900 employees and more than 60 % of the teaching staff has doctoral degrees. The turnover exceeds 80 million euro. Södertörn University combines interesting subjects to make engaging and often unique degrees. It conducts education and research in the humanities, social sciences, technology and natural science and offer teacher education with an intercultural profile.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.